HMRC Tax Investigation Support

Corporate tax investigations can range from a simple enquiry relating to a single entry in the accounts, to a full enquiry challenging the accuracy of the accounts and tax return.  Full enquiries will almost certainly involve HMRC undertaking a detailed examination of the business' books and records, and may lead to enquiries also being opened into the personal tax affairs of the directors.  A full enquiry may also entail HMRC reviewing not only the corporation tax liability, but also any PAYE or VAT liabilities.


Defending companies subject to such enquiries and acting to ensure that the company and any affected directors only pay what is properly due, is an area where specialist advice is essential.


Full Control

The most important thing to remember when facing any tax investigation by HMRC is to get professional representation. We will take full control of the investigation.

Early Closure

Our strategy ensures that we focus on working towards the most efficient way to achieve the earliest possible closure of any tax investigation.


If you do owe additional or outstanding tax you will be liable for a HMRC penalty but it is our job to help you negotiate as low a penalty as we can, and a fair one at that


It is always important to appoint a professional consultant to deal with your case and Hilary Sean is here to assist you in this area and are used to negotiating with HMRC

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